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KubeSphere Integration

This page is a placeholder to outline the KubeSphere integration details. Currently, we plan on integrating KubeSphere to leverage its hybrid multi-cloud functionality. The KubeSphere integration will combine the cost-savings of bare-metal with the reliability of cloud by intelligently load-balancing critical services across multiple clouds. While Install Doctor KubeSphere integration is still in development, be sure to engage with the various channels outlined on the Community page to stay up-to-date on the latest news.

KubeSphere integration will provide the following:

  • Kubernetes hybrid multi-cloud support (e.g. your on-premise cluster seemlessly combined with cloud-hosted cluster)
  • Automatic deployment of supported KubeSphere applications
  • CloudFlare DNS Load Balancer integration to redirect traffic from bare-metal to the cloud for critical services
  • An interesting entry-point for both beginners and advanced users who are interested in learning more about Kubernetes