As we mark the five-year milestone of Install Doctor’s journey, it’s time to announce a shift in our approach. Rather than a retirement from active development, I’m embracing a new phase where our focus will be on addressing defects and guiding our contributors’ pull requests into the master branch.

Our GitHub project, Install Doctor, has been a labor of passion and dedication, a project that has seen remarkable growth and evolution over the years. But with growth comes new challenges, and as we strive to maintain the high standards of quality and functionality that our users expect, it’s become clear that a change in strategy is necessary.

Diligence Will Persist

While I won’t be as heavily involved in frontline development, I’ll still be here, working diligently behind the scenes to ensure that Install Doctor remains a robust and reliable tool for our users. My role now shifts to one of oversight and guidance, as we focus on refining the existing codebase, addressing any outstanding issues, and integrating new features and improvements from our contributors.

It’s important to note that this transition isn’t a step back; it’s a step forward. By slowing down development and prioritizing quality over quantity, we’re laying the foundation for a stronger, more resilient Install Doctor. This approach allows us to focus on what truly matters: delivering a top-notch user experience and building a community of dedicated contributors who share our vision for the project.

New Focus on Community

One of the key strengths of Install Doctor has always been its community-driven nature. From the dedicated volunteers who contribute their time and expertise to the contractors who lend their skills to the project, it’s this collaborative spirit that sets Install Doctor apart. And as we enter this new phase of development, we’re counting on our community more than ever.

Illustration of people working in a colorful office

Whether you’re a seasoned developer with a knack for spotting bugs or a newcomer looking to make your first contribution, there’s a place for you in the Install Doctor community. Your feedback, your ideas, and your contributions are what will drive the project forward and ensure its continued success.

Bright Future

So, while the pace of development may be slowing, the future of Install Doctor has never looked brighter. Together, we’ll address defects, refine our codebase, and usher in a new era of innovation and excellence. Thank you for your continued support, and here’s to the next five years of Install Doctor’s journey.