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Scripts Overview

Shell scripting is leveraged to handle the bulk of the configurations that Install Doctor manages. The scripts are grouped into several different categories that indicate when the scripts are invoked.

Script Categories

  1. Before Scripts: These scripts are invoked by Chezmoi, prior to Chezmoi applying the managed configuration files (stored in home/.chezmoiscripts/universal/)
  2. During Scripts: Invoked by Chezmoi while the configuration files are being applied (stored in home/.chezmoiscripts/universal/)
  3. After Scripts: Invoked by Chezmoi after the configuration files have been added to the device (stored in home/.chezmoiscripts/universal/)
  4. Profile Scripts: These scripts are used by the terminal whenever Bash or ZSH is used after the provisioning process, when the configurations are already in use (stored in home/dot_config/shell/)
  5. Utility Scripts: These scripts are stored in the scripts/ folder in the root of Install Doctor repository and are used to provide various tasks including invoking the Install Doctor provisioning process (e.g. bash <(curl -sSL links to the scripts/ file)

Note: All of the Chezmoi-invoked scripts are currently applied during the Before and After stage so there are currently no "During Scripts".